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Amenities offered at The Paddling Center

Kayak Adventures in Florida Eco Tours Or

Guided Kayaking and Paddleboard Tours

in Beautiful Cypress Forest

Tours include paddling instructions by our Certified Guides & Kayaking Instructors


Hourly Rentals:

Single Kayaks

Tandem (Double) Kayaks


Stand-Up Paddleboards


Anchor Group Events

Group Events  & BBQ
The Paddling Center has several onsite picnic tables for hosting group events, such as birthday parties, family reunions, team building, etc.  Grills on site.  We offer group discount for multi-equipment multi-hour rentals.   Having hiking and biking trails adjacent to the Paddling Center facility allows for a range of outdoor activities.  What a great way to spend an afternoon or a day!

Edu-tainment and School Field Trip Opportunities
Our overall vision and goal to blend information about eco, culture, history, etc. into an entertaining narrative that is spiced with a little humor. The goal is allow people to enjoy Creek in a safe and leisure fashion and realize at the end they maybe learned something new and interesting.

We offer a truly unique, interesting and fun field trip experience that incorporates learning the skills needed to safely paddle a canoe/kayak (i.e., teamwork, communication, safety checks, paddling techniques, etc.) with nature-based exercises and games.  The classes include Birds in Flight, Predator-Prey Relationships, Eco-Discovery and assorted cooperative game-based exercises. The goal is to provide a relevant eco-based curricula with on-the-water skill building that is fun and challenging for all age groups.

We also are working in collaboration with the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum located directly across Hwy 192, that will allow groups the option to tour the History Museum as part of their pre-established curricula.  

The field trip is priced $24 – $34 per student depending on water-based and land-based class options selected and group size.

We're proud to be vetted and Approved by

The Florida Department of Education as a Fun Florida Field Trip destination!

Important Notice Referencing Guides:


Group Tours:

Minimum Tour Group Size 4 people - We will try to combine smaller groups if necaessary to achieve this minimun, but reserve the right to cancel a tour if the minimum is not met.


Maximum Number of Persons and Boats per Guide/Instructor:
In order to maximize the enjoyment of each of our participants, we limit the number of persons and boats that each guide/instructor can accompany on the water. Our maximum ratios are listed below.

Adult/Boats             Kids/guide
12 people/guide       10 people/guide
6 boats/guide           5 boats/guide

An “Adult Boat” is any boat (canoe, kayak, etc.) with at least one adult age 15 and older. Adult boats will be limited to 12 people/6 boats/1 guide.
Quantities shown are the maximum number of persons and boats that each guide may accompany.

The above ratios apply only to groups hiring a guide/instructor. 

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