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Educational Field Trips

Edu-tainment and School Field Trip Opportunities

The Paddling Center of Shingle Creek offers a variety of School Field Trip and Educational opportunites in a Eco-Friendly enviroment in Kissimmee, outside of Orlando. 


Our overall vision and goal to blend information about eco, culture, history, etc. into an entertaining narrative that is spiced with a little humor.  The goal is allow people to enjoy Shingle Creek in a safe and leisure fashion and realize at the end they maybe learned something new and interesting.


For Middle and High school classes (grades 6 to 12), we offer a truly unique, interesting and fun field trip experience that incorporates learning the skills needed to safely paddle a kayak or canoe (i.e., teamwork, communication, safety checks, paddling techniques, etc.) with nature-based exercises and games.  The classes include Birds in Flight, Predator-Prey Relationships, Eco-Discovery, and assorted cooperative game-based exercises.  The goal is to provide a relevant eco-based curricula with on-the-water skill building that is fun and challenging.


We also are working in collaboration with the Osceola County Welcome Center and History Museum located directly across Hwy 192, that will allow groups the option to tour the History Museum as part of their pre-established curricula.


Our field trip packages are priced from $20 – $25 per student depending on water-based and/or  land-based class options selected and group size.


We're proud to be vetted and Approved by

The Florida Department of Education as a Fun Florida Field Trip destination!

Learn to Kayak with your Group or Youth club in Orlando, Kissimmee
Group tours to Paddle Board in Kissimmee near Orlando Attractions
Group Tours always include Instructors and guides
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